Do I need to book an appointment ?

We recommend booking as much in advance as possible so we can offer you the day that suits you best. BOOK NOW or Call 0429 901 504

How do I book an appointment ?

Appointments can be booked direcly on our website or by calling us directly. For new clients, we recommend phoning first on 0429 901 504 so we can get an understanding of your dog’s needs and our availability.

What payment methods are available ?

We accept cash or credit card payments at the pick up time.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment ?

No problem! We are flexible and understand emergencies pop up from time to time. However, we would appreciate 24 hours notice if possible so we can reschedule other clients in.

What if I'm running late ?

We understand sometimes you can run late due to unfortunate events, but would kindly appreciate communication on the day before arrival.

When should I arrive for my appointment ?

We would kindly appreciate our new clients to arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled booking time for a quick final consultation so we can both get a complete understanding of your dog’s needs. Existing clients can arrive at the scheduled time.

Whats the best pick up time?

Depending on your dog’s treatment will depend on how long the stay will be. We always try and work in with your plans for the day and give 20 minutes before we're done with their glam. Full groom usually takes 2-3 hours, everything will depend on your dog's needs, we are all stress free.

Frequently Asked