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Please read careful to find the correct service

Happy Dog

Full Grooming

This service is a full body clip with combination of scissors and clippers, or deshedding for double coat dogs.

This service include:

- Pads, sanitary and hygiene areas trimmed.

- Nails clip and Dremel for final touch.

- Bath or Hydrobath with a natural shampoo or a requested one.

- Stress free drying with a relaxing conditioner.

- Ear cleaning/Ear ventilation.

- Brushing and combing techniques.

-Treats, Hugs 'n Kisses.

. -Cage free comfortable environment.

We do not offer: 


-Hand Stripping

Dog Spa

Wash & Blowdry

This service is only a wash and blow dry and NOT suitable for: -Double coat dogs.

-Matted dog coats.

-Hair length longer than 3cm.


This service includes:

-Nails clip and Dremel for final touch.

-Bath or Hydrobath with natural shampoo or a requested one.

-Stress free drying with a relaxing conditioner.

-Ear cleaning.

-Brushing and combing techniques.

-Treats, Hugs 'n Kisses

-Cage free comfortable environment.


*Tidy up on request:

-Trim fringe and around eyes

-Hygiene trim (belly and bum)

-Feet (pads shave)

Pride Dog


Come and explore Sydney's parks with us.

We only have a small group of 5-6 dogs per day.
Half Day Care (up to 4 hours) 

Full Day Care (up to 8 hours)



-Nails clip
-Teeth Cleaning

-Anal Glands 

-Hair Colouring

-Poodle Points 

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New clients

Existing clients

Genuinely the best in the business! Nico has groomed my pup from 10 weeks old (he’s now 3.5 years). He loves visiting, is well cared for throughout the groom and always comes home looking 10/10. Nico makes sound recommendations for grooms and will take on your wants/desires. We’re moving from Sydney, but we’ll definitely be visiting whenever we get the chance, so will be back! 🐾❤️

Erika Peters, Sydney

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